A Kiyotaka Ishimaru shrine

Amount of Free Time Events: 4
Average amount of dialogue per FTE: 34 lines (excluding Makoto's dialogue. 29, 20, 44, and 43 lines for their respective events)
Overall amount of FTE dialogue: 136 (excluding Makoto)

Amount of “best option” choices in School Mode: 12
Amount of “good option” choices in School Mode: 13
Amount of “bad option” choices in School Mode: 15
Amount of “worst option” choices in School Mode: 14

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by assigning them to a common "class".

Padding changes the amount of space between the inside of the tag and whatever you put inside it, like this.

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We can do the standard text effects for the Prime Geocites Look: bold, italics, underline, colored text, etc. But default blue is ugly. This is much nicer, and you can choose your own hex color values wherever you want.

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Because I styled the "body" tag to center everything, all the images are in the center. But we can change that if we want. We can even have an image in with the text, where the image sits to the side and the text wraps around! How cool is that?
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The "clear" tag in this "span" down here resets the rest of the images below it to sit in the center like normal.

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